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Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez has many clean, white-ring binders. Had he gone into another line of work, they might be filled with order forms, pay statements, blueprints or billing records. But Gonzalez is one of the best hitters in baseball and the binders contain his collected

Legume Choices

There are many popular legumes either whole or split lentils to choose from for making dahl. A lentil is the whole gram (bean) that has been skinned and split in half. The whole legume, relative of the pea, looks like a small bean but


Rice, an easily digested food for everyone’s physical development, is sweet-tasting with cold, heavy qualities. Rice is such a versatile ingredient it should be a staple item in any kitchen. Two of the nicest things about cooking with rice are that it absorbs the

Buttermilk and Lassi

Drinking buttermilk has almost gone out of style in America. It once was a popular, healthful beverage when we were a more rural countrv. But we see food interests come and go, so perhaps the liking for buttermilk will return. Some people have never

Atkins Diet

You’ll go up until eventually you’ll reach a number at which you stop losing. That’s your CCLL. Above it, you lose no more, or you begin to gain. Below it, you’re definitely dieting in the popular sense of that word, i.e. you’re losing weight.


When Carly gave birth to Joni in May, with her husband Ben Wiggins by her side, Twiggy was there to witness the magical moment. “I really can understand how mothers – and grandmothers – find a superhuman strength to protect their young; I would


AS SHE PROUDLY INTRODUCES HER GORGEOUS GRANDDAUGHTER TELLS OF HER PROFOUND LOVE FOR BABY JONI AND HOW SHE AND DAUGHTER CARLY ARE NOW CLOSER THAN EVER With an expression of pure love, Twiggy cradles her baby granddaughter Joni close to her, tenderly wrapping her

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has every reason to be popping the champagne corks this Christmas. The Canadian actor – whose new film The Big Short, co-starring Christian Bale, Steve Carrell and Brad Pitt, opens in Britain on 22 January – is enjoying domestic bliss with actress


Tennis academy plans rejected Scottish tennis coach Judy Murray’s plans to build a tennis academy at Park of Keir, on the outskirts of Dunblane, were rejected after Stirling Council opted to maintain the protected status of the greenbelt land. The plans also included a


Finalises divorce from Melanie Antonio Banderas will pay ex-wife Melanie Griffith $65,000 (£42,600) a month in spousal support following their divorce last week. The couple, who I parted ways in 2014 after nearly 20 years of marriage, also agreed that the Spanish actor will

Natalie Pinkham

BANQUET IN SWEDEN NOBEI It was a night when ten exceptional people were honoured for their contribution to science, literature and medicine, but it was the glamour of the Swedish royals that really caught the eye at last week’s Nobel Prize Banquet. The three