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Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez has many clean, white-ring binders. Had he gone into another line of work, they might be filled with order forms, pay statements, blueprints or billing records. But Gonzalez is one of the best hitters in baseball and the binders contain his collected

Legume Choices

There are many popular legumes either whole or split lentils to choose from for making dahl. A lentil is the whole gram (bean) that has been skinned and split in half. The whole legume, relative of the pea, looks like a small bean but


Rice, an easily digested food for everyone’s physical development, is sweet-tasting with cold, heavy qualities. Rice is such a versatile ingredient it should be a staple item in any kitchen. Two of the nicest things about cooking with rice are that it absorbs the

Buttermilk and Lassi

Drinking buttermilk has almost gone out of style in America. It once was a popular, healthful beverage when we were a more rural countrv. But we see food interests come and go, so perhaps the liking for buttermilk will return. Some people have never

Atkins Diet

You’ll go up until eventually you’ll reach a number at which you stop losing. That’s your CCLL. Above it, you lose no more, or you begin to gain. Below it, you’re definitely dieting in the popular sense of that word, i.e. you’re losing weight.

Shortest college baseball player

1974 Mike Marshall, Dodgers 5’10” you have to do something that stands out. Managers like guys who can play various positions. “It feels good to look around the league and see guys that are shorter doing so well.” Ben Revere is Philadelphia’s leadoff batter.

Jason Manford

A FESTIVE SINGSONG Jason Manford had his charity Christmas Carol Concert with the Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra last week and he asked me to go along and sing. I sang Santa Baby and then at the last minute he asked me to do a duet

Myleene Klass

MYLEENE WAS NEVER THE FAT ONE Myleene Klass said recently that she was the ‘fat one of Hear’Say’ and called herself the ‘Gary Barlow of the band’. To be fair, we were all a lot bigger, including Myleene [right], but no one ever called

Kim Kardashian Looks 2016

The evening before going into labour, reality TV star Kim posted a selfie of her bare bump (right), captioned: ‘Ready whenever you are lol.’ Three days after the birth, Kim, Kanye and Saint left hospital and were thought to be heading home to Kris’s

Sandra Bullock Styles 2016

STAR POWER: Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Kristen Stewart SIGNATURE LOOK: Undone, effortless hair with a structural quality. “The hair I create never feels like it’s unattainable,” says Abergel. STATS: The Los Angeles native has established himself as one of the most sought-after


Actress REESE WITHERSPOON (left) celebrated her 40th birthday in style with a bunch of A-list friends last week. Reese was joined at the Warwick in Los Angeles by stars including NICOLE KIDMAN,TAYLORSWIFT (above far right),KATE HUDSON(above centre), ISLAFISHER(above second from right),COURTENEY COX and JENNIFER