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Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez has many clean, white-ring binders. Had he gone into another line of work, they might be filled with order forms, pay statements, blueprints or billing records. But Gonzalez is one of the best hitters in baseball and the binders contain his collected

Legume Choices

There are many popular legumes either whole or split lentils to choose from for making dahl. A lentil is the whole gram (bean) that has been skinned and split in half. The whole legume, relative of the pea, looks like a small bean but


Rice, an easily digested food for everyone’s physical development, is sweet-tasting with cold, heavy qualities. Rice is such a versatile ingredient it should be a staple item in any kitchen. Two of the nicest things about cooking with rice are that it absorbs the

Buttermilk and Lassi

Drinking buttermilk has almost gone out of style in America. It once was a popular, healthful beverage when we were a more rural countrv. But we see food interests come and go, so perhaps the liking for buttermilk will return. Some people have never

Atkins Diet

You’ll go up until eventually you’ll reach a number at which you stop losing. That’s your CCLL. Above it, you lose no more, or you begin to gain. Below it, you’re definitely dieting in the popular sense of that word, i.e. you’re losing weight.

Ags Connolly

HOW ABOUT NOW Drumfire ★★★★ How about country as itshouldbe Imagine vocals somewhere between George Jones and Clint Black and you’re somewhere near Ags Connolly’s hypnotic performance on what must be a contender for the British country album ofthe year. This is the real

Jon Budworth

TREES TURN TO FIRE Self-released ★★★★ Impressive folk, pop release: ‘From Leigh in deepest, darkest Lancashire.’ I often encounter a problem with traditional folk music; it can strike me, on occasions, as being over-earnest and, well, gloomy. Jon Budworth, a new name to me,

Kim Beggs

BEAUTYAND BREAKING Black Hen Records ★★★ Professional-sounding album that would be helped by a more gutsy sound at points BEAUTY AND BREAKING is Kim Begg’s fourth solo release and the first in three years. The album includes 15 songs, 14 of which were written

Jon Allen

Well, UK singer-songwriter Jon Allen has the very rare distinction of having his tracks play-listed on BBC Radio 2 no less than NINE times. On one of those occasions, Jools Holland was in his car and heard this man’s awesome voice on his track

The Henry Girls

Having reviewed their latest album for the May/June issue of Maverick, I was delighted to hear that The Henry Girls had embarked on a short UK tour and were opening their account with a first visit to the South Coast. Once again poor advance

Kreg Viesselman

TO THE MOUNTAIN Continental Song City ★★★★★ A mesmerising voice and overall feel to what is a truly captivating album US born, Oslo-based artist, Kreg Viesselman has created a VERY unusual album. It’s difficult to categorise this artist and this uber-ethereal record. Viesselman is

Pete Lashley

MAGIC CORNER Same Seven Notes ★★★★ A really lovely acoustic roots album from Lake District based artist Pete Lashley Pete Lashley’s 10th album features quality vocals with a tone and timbre similar to that of Tim Finn from Crowded House.Pete plays over 150 gigs

Danny Barnes

GOT MYSELF TOGETHER (TEN YEARS LATER) Eight 30 Records ★★★★ A banjo player extraordinaire, on a blissful bluegrass/country/roots album, who this year won the Steve Martin Prize For Excellence In Banjo and Bluegrass A banjo player extraordinaire, on a blissful bluegrass/country/roots album, who this


SCARCITY The quantity of a good or service available is called the supply. The demand is how much of that good or service people are willing and able to buy. There’s only one Super Bowl a year, which means there’s a limited supply of
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